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I am no longer currently teaching classes from my home studio.  If you have a kiln and are interested in private classes at your location you can email me for details.


In my one day enamelling workshops you will learn as much in 5 hours as many classes teach in a month or more!  No experience is necessary.  


By the end of class you will be comfortable enamelling on your own.  I will also instruct you on how to set up your own studio and where to buy supplies.  


Classes are limited to three students, which means lots of individual attention!  

One on one classes are available, I will work with you to create a class specifically geared to what you want to learn.  



Annealing, counter enamelling, inclusions, types of enamel, stencilling, layering, texturing copper, sgraffito.

You will make 3 pendants.  All supplies included.


All class sales are final.  

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